The first USA FIT program began with USA FIT Houston in 1989 and ever since then, we’ve been off to the races.

With over 30 years of experienced marathon training and 40+ chapters nationwide, our programs are enjoyable, educational, life changing and habit-forming. USA FIT believes in the potential that exists within everyone. Our mission is centered around fitness, fun and well-being. We provide safe, encouraging training programs that foster personal improvement inside and out. Virtually, any person, regardless of age or current fitness level, can train to finish the marathon or  half marathon distance and we’re here to make that happen.

Changing Lives Since 1989

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Trainees of similar fitness levels and goals meet weekly for 6 months, building their mileage fitness and confidence until their target race takes place. Members follow detailed training schedules independently during the week, and on the weekends they converge for coached group training and educational seminars.

We provide a straightforward and safe approach to training. At the center of our remarkable programs are our organizers. Many of our organizers began as USA FIT members. They are experienced runners and walkers who help members navigate through the training and eventually to the marathon or half marathon. For those who are just starting to walk or run, we have a non-intimidating training environment. For the more experienced runners, we provide advanced training that guarantees improved performance. Regardless of your fitness level, we promote camaraderie within our community which turns into life-long support and friendships. And that right there is a win-win!

Each year our members and coaches dedicate their time to community outreach. Some of the amazing programs that we have had the privilege of working with are Bel- Inizio, The Settlement Home in Austin, Dress for Success, Fort Bend Education Foundation, Ironman Lubbock, Space City 10 Miler, and Special Olympics, to name a few.

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