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Sonia Cargill

USA FIT Houston Organizer / Fall Program

I decided in 1994 that I wanted to run a marathon and found Houston Fit.  I began running with this group and completed my first marathon in January 1995.  This training program, along with the friends I made in the program, helped me get to the finish line.  I was hooked.  I continued to come back and train with my fellow runners and the next year, I took 40 minutes off my time.  I qualified for Boston and had the opportunity to run Boston multiple times.  This was done only with the help of my fellow runners.  I have never wanted to leave this group as I believe in our philosophy and that everyone can achieve their goals.  Eventually, I decided I wanted to give back and became a coach.  I have never felt more pride and joy in seeing those in our group achieve their goals.

Regardless of your goals, whether you are a walker or a runner, this experience can expand your confidence, bring friends into your life you may never have met, and give you a whole new positive outlook.

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Terry Reynolds

USA FIT Houston Organizer / Spring & Winter programs

I’m Terry, originally born in Hammersmith, England, and raised in Ireland before moving to Texas in 1999, so I have been here 24 years. I have played soccer all my life as a midfielder, and I have also coached kids’ soccer.

Over the years, I have had a few of my friends who have run marathons, so after being in Austin once watching the half marathon there, I watched older people, pregnant women, and kids running, so I thought to myself, maybe I can do it. So I started running a mile around the loop, and I thought I would die, lol, but I kept it up, and then one turned into two, and so, before I knew it, I was signed up for my first half in the wine country.

Tip for first-time runners: do your first on a flat surface. My first time was very hilly. I did finish, but it was a challenging first half. Since then, I did a few more but wondered what it would be like to run in a group instead of alone, so I joined Houston Fit and loved the social and informative side.

I enjoy working with weights and came across the ATP group, and I have never looked back. It’s pretty much CrossFit for runners, as I call it. It helped me get my pace down to an average of 9 miles per minute (but not in the summer heat), and it took 25 mins of my last Half.

I come from a coaching and teaching background, have a level D soccer coach’s license, and am a flight instructor. To date, I have done ten marathons and a bunch of halfs, 10K’s, and 5K’s.

I look forward to working with USA Fit to see what I can do to help make the club more successful and enjoyable for coaches and runners, thus making it an enjoyable experience. Please feel free to contact me anytime about anything.

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